Access iPhone health data remotely

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Create your own personalized dashboards to track and analyze your health data.

Choose from different chart types, time periods, and metrics to display the information in a format that works best for you.

Switch between multiple dashboards to compare different aspects of your health.

HealthExport Remote dashboard
HealthExport Remote dashboard configuration


Workouts lets you view detailed analysis of your workout seassions that include heart rate zones, workout metrics such as calories burned, and much more.

Compare your workouts over time and see how you are improving.

Whether you run, bike, swim, or do any other activity, HealthExport Remote will help you reach your goals.

Business version

If your business involves working with client's health records (doctors, fitness trainers, etc.), the Business version of HealthExport is here for you.

Access your client's health data conveniently through the Remote website, or use the API to integrate it into your existing systems.

You can also use out-of-the-box integrations with services like Google Sheets for easy analysis.

HealthExport Business dashboard

Background sync

The mobile app automatically uploads health data to the service multiple times per day in the background, so there is no need for opening the app on your phone.

End to End Encryption

All data is End to End encrypted between your phone and your browser, so nobody except you can read it.

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