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Health types

Data types are divided into three categories:

1. Cumulative based measurements (e.g step count)
2. Record based measurements (e.g body mass)
3. Workouts

Cumulative based measurements can be exported with aggregation by hours, days, or months. The export of record based measurements contains all entries in HealthKit.

Cumulative data types:


  • -Apple exercise time
  • -Apple stand time
  • -Distance cycling
  • -Distance downhill snow sports
  • -Distance swimming
  • -Distance walking / running
  • -Flights Climbed
  • -Step count
  • -Swimming stroke count


  • -Active energy burned
  • -Basal energy burned

Heart rate

  • -Heart rate
  • -Resting heart rate
  • -Walking heart rate


  • -Calcium
  • -Carbohydrates
  • -Cholesterol
  • -Energy consumed
  • -Fat saturated
  • -Fat total
  • -Fiber
  • -Iron
  • -Potassium
  • -Protein
  • -Sodium
  • -Sugar
  • -Vitamin A
  • -Vitamin C
  • -Vitamin D


  • -Distance wheelchair
  • -Wheelchair push count

Record based data types:


  • -Blood glucose
  • -Blood pressure (Diastolic)
  • -Blood pressure (Systolic)
  • -Insulin delivery


  • -Body fat percentage
  • -Body mass
  • -Body mass index
  • -Body temperature
  • -Handwashing
  • -Height
  • -Lean body mass
  • -Mindfulness
  • -Oxygen saturation
  • -Sleep: Time asleep
  • -Sleep: Time in bed
  • -Tooth brushing
  • -VO2 Max
  • -Waist circumference

Heart rate

  • -Heart rate
  • -Heart rate variability (SDNN)
  • -Resting heart rate
  • -Walking heart rate

Reproductive health

  • -Basal body temperature
  • -Cervical mucus quality
  • -Intermenstrual bleeding
  • -Menstrual flow
  • -Ovulation test result
  • -Sexual activity
health data types

Export format

The export is a CSV file. CSV files can be opened in all major spreadsheet editors - Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets.

You can download the sample export file HERE.

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